2020 Centre Dates

Cheshire & North Wales Centre trials date please note these dates may be libel to change so please check the clubs websites and other trials media close to the event date.

Club nameEvent type Event location or name
Sunday – 05/01/20FrodshamSingle venueTba
Sunday – 12/01/20Man17Road trialFisher Trial Hawks Nest/Manor Steps near Buxton
Sunday – 19/01/20WrexhamSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 26/01/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipAlvanley Trial Ground
Sunday – 02/02/20South LiverpoolRoad trialFoster Cup
Sunday – 02/02/20MacclesfieldSingle venueR3 6t9 Winter series Len Eyre Trophy Trial – RHQ
Sunday – 09/02/20Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 16/02/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipTBC
Sunday – 23/02/20FrodshamSingle venueTba
Sunday – 01/03/20OswestrySingle venuePresidents Cup
Sunday – 08/03/20CongletonSingle venueBelmont Big Lap
Sunday – 15/03/20MacclesfieldSingle venueR4 6t9 Winter series Ken Eyre Trophy Trial – RHQ
Sunday – 22/03/20Man17Road trialBemrose Buxton area
Saturday – 28/03/20Man17Single venue, Dead Easy, ElectricDead Easy Haslin near Buxton
Sunday – 29/03/20WrexhamSingle venueTBA
Sunday – 05/04/20Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 12/04/20Man17Single venueTower Charity Trial Bosley near MacclesfieldEaster Sunday
Sunday – 12/04/20

Monday – 13/04/20LlangollenRoad trialLomax CupEaster Monday
Sunday – 19/04/20Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipGrinllwm Llanrwst
Sunday – 19/04/20MacclesfieldSingle venueR5 6t9 Winter series – RHQ
Sunday – 26/04/20WinsfordSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 26/04/20FrodshamSingle venueTba
Sunday – 03/05/20LlangollenClub championshipRound 1
Friday – 08/05/20Man17Single venue, Dead Easy, ElectricDead Easy Heaton House Near Leek (Friday)Spring Bank Holiday
Sunday – 10/05/20FrodshamAdult novice beginerTba
Sunday – 10/05/20WrexhamSingle venueTBCAdult Centre Champs R1
Sunday – 17/05/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipTBCYouth Centre Champs R1
Saturday – 23/05/20OswestrySingle venueSteetley Plate Trial
Sunday – 24/05/20

Sunday – 31/05/20FrodshamSingle venueTba
Saturday – 06/06/20MacclesfieldSingle venueTrialmag summer series R1 Hazels
Sunday – 07/06/20LlangollenClub championshipRound 2
Sunday – 14/06/20Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBCYouth Centre Champs R2
Sunday – 21/06/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipTBC 
Sunday – 21/06/20CongletonRoad trialSidecar National
Saturday – 27/06/20Man 17Dead Easy

Sunday – 28/06/20OswestrySingle venueGittins Cup
Sunday – 05/07/20FrodshamElectricTba
Sunday – 05/07/20Man17Road trialDave Rowland National Buxton Area
Saturday – 11/07/20MacclesfieldSingle venueTrialmag summer series R2 Lower Nabbs
Sunday – 12/07/20Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipGrinlwm, LlanrhychwynYouth Centre Champs R3
Sunday – 19/07/20WinsfordSingle venueTBCAdult Centre Champs R2
Saturday – 25/07/20CongletonDead EasyJP Dead Easy
Sunday – 26/07/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipTBC 
Saturday – 01/08/20Man17Club championship, Dead Easy, ElectricDead Easy Perryfoot near Peak Forest
Sunday – 02/08/20

Sunday – 09/08/20LlangollenRoad trialPJ1 Classic
Saturday – 15/08/20MacclesfieldSingle venueTrialmag summer series R3 TBC
Sunday – 16/08/20Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBCAdult Centre Champs R3
Sunday – 23/08/20

Sunday – 30/08/20

Saturday – 05/09/20Man17Single venue, Dead Easy, ElectricDead Easy Harrat Grange near Peak Forest
Sunday – 06/09/20FrodshamElectric Tba
Sunday – 13/09/20Man17Road trialHipwell/Hartle Peak Forest area
Sunday – 13/09/20LlangollenClub championshipRound 3
Sunday – 13/09/20Frodshamnovice/beginner onlyTba
Sunday – 20/09/20MacclesfieldRoad trialJohn MacDonald Road Trial – Hazels
Sunday – 27/09/20Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipPennant canal, Eglwysbach
Sunday – 04/10/20Cheshire YouthClub championshipTBC
Saturday – 10/10/20Man17Single venueClub Trial with Dead Easy route Hawks Nest near Buxton
Sunday – 11/10/20FrodshamElectricTba
Sunday – 11/10/20CongletonRoad trialDavies Cup, Normandale Championship
Sunday – 18/10/20MacclesfieldSingle venueR1 6t9 Winter Series – RHQ
Sunday – 18/10/20OswestrySingle venueLongney Cup
Sunday – 25/10/20LlangollenClub championshipRound 4Adult &Youth Centre Champs R4 &R5
Sunday – 01/11/20WinsfordSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 01/11/20CongletonSingle venueKia Trials Championship
Saturday – 07/11/20FrodshamSingle venueTba
Saturday – 07/11/20Man17Road trialNorthern Experts National Wildboarclough area
Sunday – 15/11/20South LiverpoolRoad trialFoster Cup
Sunday – 15/11/20FrodshamElectricTba
Sunday – 15/11/20MacclesfieldSingle venueR2 6t9 winter Series – RHQ
Saturday – 21/11/20Man17Single venue, Dead Easy, ElectricDead Easy Trial Heaton House near Leek
Sunday – 22/11/20WrexhamSingle venueTBCYouth Champs
Sunday – 29/11/20Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
Sunday – 06/12/20MacclesfieldSingle venueGlendenning Trophy Trial – RHQ
Sunday – 13/12/20OswestrySingle venueViscol Cup
Sunday – 20/12/20LlangollenSingle venueGoodwill Trial
Saturday – 26/12/20Man17Single venueBoxing Day Madness Trial Watty’s Old Mine Marple Bridge
Sunday – 03/01/21FrodshamSingle venueTba
Sunday – 10/01/21Man17Road trialFisher Hawks Nest Manor Steps Near Buxton