Motorcycle trials in Cheshire & North Wales



Sun 30
th Llangollen Open


Sat 5th Frodsham Open
Sun 6
th Winsford Open

Sat 12
th Man 17 N Northern Experts Trial ACU to confirm Wildboarclough Road Trial

Sun 13
th Nov Remembrance Sunday

Sun 20
th Nov Wrexham Open A** (Round 6)

Sun 20
th Macclesfield Open 6t9 R2 RHQ

Sun 27
th Frodsham Open Electric Bikes

Sun 27
th Oswestry Open


Sun 4
th Macc O 6t9 round 3 RHQ

Sun 11
th Oswestry O

Sun 18
th Llangollen O Goodwill Trial Sun Bank

Sandhill Lane

2/19/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipNant Ucha -tbc
2/26/17CongletonSingle venueMow Cop Twinshock Championship
2/26/17WrexhamSingle venueTBCAdult R2
3/5/17Frodsham Electric Youth onlyTBC
3/5/17MacclesfieldSingle venueRough Heys Quarry
3/12/17OswestrySingle venueViscol Cup Trial
3/19/17Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipTBA
3/26/17WinsfordClub championshipRound 1 club champs Venue TBC
4/1/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Haslin Farm Near Buxton
4/2/17FrodshamSingle venue, Club championshipMickerdaleAdult R3
4/9/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
4/9/17FrodshamElectric youth onlyTBC
4/9/17Man17Single venueTower Trial Bosley Near Macclesfield
4/16/17MacclesfieldSingle venueRough Heys Quarry
4/17/17LlangollenRoad trialLomax Trial (Glyn Ceiriog)
4/23/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipAlvanley - tbc
4/29/17LlangollenSingle venue, Club championshipClub championship round 1
4/30/17FrodshamClub championshipThe Caves
5/1/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Wheston Hoise Farm Tideswell
5/7/17FrodshamElectric Youth onlyTBC
5/7/17WrexhamSingle venue, Club championshipTBC
5/14/17WinsfordSingle venue, Club championshipRound 2 club champs Venue TBCAdult R4
5/20/17MacclesfieldSingle venueTrial Mag Round 1
5/21/17CongletonSingle venue, Club championshipWhitemoor Farm
5/27/17OswestrySingle venueSteetley Plate Trial
5/28/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipBodfari -tbc
5/29/17Man17Single venueClubTrial Bodkins Bank Farm Mow Cop
6/4/17FrodshamClub championshipTBC
6/11/17LlangollenSingle venue, Club championshipClub Championship round 2Youth R1
6/17/17MacclesfieldSingle venueTrial Mag Round 2
6/18/17Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipGrinllwm, Nr Llanrwst, Conwy Valley.
6/25/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipSwan's Farm - tbcYouth R2
7/2/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
7/2/17Man17Road trialDave Rowland Trial Buxton area
7/9/17CongletonSingle venueMow Cop. Belmont Big lap
7/9/17FrodshamElectric Youth onlyTBC
7/15/17MacclesfieldSingle venueTrial Mag round 3
7/16/17Man17Single venueHawks Nest Trophy Trial Hawks Nest Near Buxton
7/22/17WinsfordClub championshipRound 3 club champs Venue TBC
7/23/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
7/29/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Hocker Lane Near Alderley Edge
7/30/17FrodshamClub championshipTBC
8/6/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipSwan's Farm - tbc
8/6/17LlangollenRoad trialNBBC (PJ1) Classic trial

8/19/17MacclesfieldSingle venueTBC
8/20/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
8/27/17OswestrySingle venueTBCAdult R5
8/28/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Heaton House Farm Rushton Spencer
9/3/17FrodshamClub championshipTBCYouth R3
9/10/17LlangollenSingle venue, Club championshipClub championship round 3Adult R6
9/16/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Harrat Grange Peak Forest
9/17/17Colwyn BaySingle venue, Club championshipTBC
9/17/17Man17Road trialHipwell Trial forThe John Hartle Peak Forest areaAdult R7
9/23/17MacclesfieldRoad trialJohn MacDonald AdultR8
9/24/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
9/24/17FrodshamElectric Youth onlyTBC
10/1/17WrexhamSingle venue, Club championshipTBCYouth R4
10/7/17Man17Single venueDead Easy Trial Wheston House Farm Tideswell
10/8/17Cheshire YouthSingle venue, Club championshipBodfari - tbc
10/8/17CongletonRoad trialMow Cop
10/15/17Denbigh & MoldSingle venueTBC
10/15/17MacclesfieldSingle venueRough Heys Quarry
10/22/17FrodshamElectric Youth onlyTBC
10/22/17OswestrySingle venueGittens Cup Trial
10/29/17LlangollenSingle venue, Club championshipClub championship round 4
11/4/17FrodshamClub championshipTBC
11/5/17WinsfordClub championshipRound 4 Club Champs Venue TBC
11/11/17Man17Road trialNorhern Experts WIldboarclough near Macclesfield


MacclesfieldSingle venueRough Heys Quarry
11/26/17FrodshamElectric Youth only

11/26/17WrexhamSingle venue, Club championshipLongney Cup Trial
12/3/17MacclesfieldSingle venueRough Heys Quarry
12/10/17OswestrySingle venuePresidents Cup Trial
12/17/17LlangollenSingle venue, Club championshipGoodwill Trial

12/26/17Man17Single venueBoxing Day 'Madness' Trial Old Mine Marple Bridge

NOTE: Centre championship dates (Youth & Adult) to be sorted at the end of the changes

1/8/17FrodshamClub championshipAlvanley

Date of eventClub nameEvent typeEvent location or nameCentre Championship

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