Centre Championship

A list of past Centre champions from 1933 to 2019

Final 2019 adult championship standings

Final 2019 Youth championship standings

2021 ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM temporarily off line

The Centre Championship is a series of trials run by different clubs in the centre at different venues to produce a Centre Champion in each of the classes it applies too:




Over 40+ (harder sections)

Over 40 (easier sections)

Usually centre championship events are a bit special in that clubs usually take care to ensure that ‘their round’ uses their best venues and that the sections are appropriate to a centre championship = a bit more challenging than a club trial but not too hard for those local riders who are likely to enter IE not like a world round or anything big and dangerous!!!!

If you wish to compete in the adult or youth rounds of the 2020 centre championship the online form must be correctly completed and submitted. Before completing the form please read the rules linked here. Submitting this form will assume you accepted these rules. By completing the registration form the rider or riders agent accept that at some point in the future their name may be published on the internet.