Centre Rules


Expert, Intermediate, Novice and Over 40 Eligibility: Qualifications to be eligible shall be dependant on a competitor being affiliated to the ACU through the Cheshire & North Wales Centre during the participating year, or resides within the Centre boundaries. Rules: a) All events to be “Enter on the day”. b) All rounds to be “multi” route with sections suitable severity for centre

championship status c) Method of marking to be as per the current ACU standing Regulations TSR22A. d) Points to be awarded as per current ACU Standing Regulations for Championship

events. e) All riders entering the championship event will be considered for points in the class

they entered. f) At the conclusion of the series, the points for each rider’s performance from all the

rounds held less one will be added together and the rider with the highest number of points to his credit will be the winner” Ties – If a tie occurs on the total number of points gained it will be resolved as follows:

a) In favour of the rider with the greatest number of wins in all rounds.

b) If not resolved then the greatest number of second places and so on down to 15th place in all rounds.

c) If not then resolved, by the rider with the best performance in the final event.

g) The Centre will present an Award for the Championship winner in each class. h) Any other trial events run on a championship date, are at the discretion of the Trials

Sub-Committee. i) Points will be awarded to riders who have completed a championship registration

form and been received by the centre trial recorder before the start of the championship. A rider may also enter the championship at any point during the season if a completed registration form is received by the recorder within one calendar week of the event they wish to be considered for points, but overall championship points will only accumulate from that event.

Supplementary Rules Applicable to Centre Youth Championship

Points to be awarded as per current ACU British Solo Youth Championship Standing Regulations. Riders within each class must ride the designated route to be eligible for points.

A Class – Intermediate Route B Class – Yellow Route C Class – White Route D Class – Conducted or White Route as specified in the Supplementary Rules.

Riders to be in their designated class, as per the sporting code.

Note: Upgrading and Engine Capacity as per Sporting Code TSR1. Upgrading to be at the discretion of the Centre

.Trials Grading Rules:

Novice to intermediate: To be upgraded one month after winning his Seventh ‘Best Novice Award’ where there are at least Seven riders in the class (excluding Team Trial), irrespective of the period of time between awards. Intermediate to Expert: To be upgraded one month after winning his Seventh ‘Best Intermediate Award’ where there are at least Seven riders in the class (excluding Team Trial), irrespective of the period of time between awards. Centre Championship riders to be allowed to continue as prior upgrading in these events to the end of the year. Note: A rider who competes in a higher class will be considered to have upgraded himself and may not revert to the lower class at any future event. Downgrading: Any such downgrading will be at the discretion of the trials Subcommittee and is limited to Expert Class only. The rider (himself) has to request to this downgrading in writing to the Centre Recorder. A rider who is downgraded may compete in for the lower award immediately, but not receive points in the Centre Championship for 12 months. Notes: An acknowledged expert or intermediate from outside the Centre will complete in that class. Appendix – D (12/11/2010)