CYTC trial 29th Jan

Long post sorry but please read⭐

CYTC trial Sunday 29th January 11am Alvanley Trial Ground

Adults £20 Youth £15 Conducted £10 Memberships £5.

Experts, Youth Experts (Red and Blue)

Inters, Over 40 Plus, Youth A (Half red/ blue and half yellow)

Novice, Over 40, Twinshock, Youth B (Yellow)

Beginners, Youth Beginners, Youth C and D (White)

D conduted, Youth E – (Conducted)

Presentation of last year’s awards will take place after the trial at the trial ground.

So…Online entries will (or maybe not!) be open at 7pm on Wednesday 18th and will close at 12pm on Saturday 28th. Massive thanks to Joanne Mackman for all your help.

The chances are I may have done something wrong and if like me you are having as much trouble with Sport 80 as I am then we will accept entries on the day but please please have the correct money.

As signal isn’t very good at Alvanley please try and screenshot proof of your licence if you are entering on the day.

We would be very grateful to anyone willing to observe.

If you’ve got this far, the club are still looking for a secretary even more so now!!!